Letter to Vic Gundotra, Sr VP Google, Inc

August 1,  2011
Mr. Vic Gundotra
Senior Vice President
Google, Inc.
1600 Amphitheater Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Dear Mr. Gundotra,
I recently sent the enclosed letter to Professor Sebastian Thrun, Director of Artificial Intelligence Research at Stanford University.  Then, I saw you in the Mercedes Benz “Driven to Distraction” commercial.
I found it very encouraging and thought that this might be my opportunity.  I, too, had an experience that changed my life and now I am trying – like Professor Thrun is – to turn a tragedy into a mission for the greater good.
What you described as “magical software involving sensors” is the principle behind my solution.  I know my invention will save lives and make the world a better place … which seems to be what your company does with its
surplus resources.  I just don’t know where I might fit within the realm of Google’s munificent projects.  At first, I thought I should be contacting Google’s Venture Capital Group – until I saw Professor Thrun’s webcast for TED.
Then I saw your commercial.  Now I am redirecting my focus hoping to combine my project with the robotic car.  We all share the goal of removing the human element from the equation.
I invite you to learn my story found at https://oandzscientific.wordpress.com in addition to Professor Thrun’s letter.
As the chief innovation officer for Google, if you were in my shoes – how would you ask to start a conversation that could make a world of difference?
Kerry Friedman
O & Z Scientific
51 W. Onwentsia Rd
Lake Forest, IL 60045
LettertoProfessorThrun7-26-2011.pdf LettertoProfessorThrun7-26-2011.pdf
52K   View   Download
YouTube – Videos from this email


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