A Forum For Forgiveness

Each year the incidence of this tragedy grows greater.  The number of fatalities reached 49 last year. That’s a lot of needless death. What is rarely heard about, even mentioned, is the life-long suffering of the parent or guardian. That’s because we have a tendency to feel we have never suffered enough. It’s been more than four years since I killed Ollie and Zoie.  I haven’t had one day that I have felt entitled to be alive.  I socialize as little as possible.  I am blessed because I have Maggie and Hemingway and my three cats – Rocky, Jasper and Boris.  I am blessed because I have a wonderful man who loves me.

Deep down in my soul – in that place where the light switch is – it’s dark, and because of that, I know they all deserve better. It has occurred to me there are others “out there”.  I think we could help each other if we have a place to communicate.   Maybe we could help the world if we join together as one voice.

If you have been responsible for a living being dying this way or know of someone who has – please direct them here.

Let’s talk it over.

Let’s remind each other we don’t have to go through this alone.


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