About Us

I’m Kerry, and the English Setter on right is Maggie and the English Setter on the left is her brother, Hemingway. They were born at home about fifty feet away from where this photograph was taken. It was in the corner in my bedroom in a plastic child’s swimming pool full of old blankets. Their mother was Zoie and their father was Ollie. He was the classic anxious father. Maggie attempted to do a swan dive from her mother’s womb while Zoie was standing in the front hallway, but she was saved at the last second with a diving catch. It may seem fun now but
I was really terrified. Zoie was barely a year old. Ollie had jumped the gun and it was too early for her body. I feared for her life – I feared for the lives of the pups. I feared she would not have the instincts to be a mother. All my fears turned out to be unfounded. We made our way to the bedroom swimming pool and the next seven births were blissfully uneventful. She was a fiercly protective mother, all instincts intact. I was awash with relief. A year later, Ollie & Zoie were killed due to vehicular entrapment.

Now you know where the O & Z comes from.


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