Summer Looms

It is June.  A time when school’s out, flowers bloom and pools open. For some of us, the earth actually comes back from the dead.  We leave our jackets when we go out-of-doors.  We break out our shorts and sandals.  Men everywhere are uncovering their outdoor grills.  Romance is in the air.  Lurking behind it is sudden tragic death.

June, and for that matter, May and April, will always just be Spring until you or someone you know has experienced killing a loved one by hyperthermia.  Spring becomes a waiting game.  Once you become aware, you just hold your breath and wait for the first news article.  You know it’s coming, but you just wait – feeling powerless. That was what my Spring was like.  Then I had my “Ah Ha!” moment.  Since then I have spent my time trying to change the course of fate.  That’s not hyperbolic.  Some lives will be ruined and others will be devastated until it is stopped.  I have a way to stop it.

I have watched another piece of safety legislation, Rear View Cameras, pass into law while I have been trying to be heard by Washington.  It would seem a lot more expensive to standardize that technology.  I have watched automobile telematics make huge advances – making my technology easier and cheaper.  I have watched a lot of unnecessary death and devastation during that time.  Please help me get the word out. Let’s make this the last Spring cars are manufactured as potential death traps . Please write, email and call your Representatives.



Kerry C Friedman


~ by oandzscientific on June 16, 2011.

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