O & Z Scientific

Welcome to O & Z Scientific. Our mission is to end hyperthermia death due to vehicular entrapment. This form of death is more common than people think. Hopefully, we can educate people to the scale and severity of these incidents. We will offer as much information as we can find including statistics, raw data and  personal experience.  This forum will welcome information, opinion, and facts in the form of comments. Due to the dire nature of the problem, we will periodically check facts offered in comment for validity and correct misinformation as it appears. This is meant to be an open exchange, so there are bound to be some missteps along the way.  As a business, O & Z Scientific is a small enterprise; while it is for-profit, it has yet to make one.  All the individuals involved are volunteers, save myself and one other person. They choose to volunteer their time in the name of saving lives and we are grateful to them.

Whether or not O & Z Scientific grows into a success will depend in part on you.  By this, I mean we have to raise awareness and that is the reason for this forum.

Thank you for your attention and support.

Kerry C. Friedman



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